A beautiful smile with all your natural teeth should last your entire natural life.

If my teeth are meant to last a lifetime...

Why do many dentists actually destroy teeth with fillings, root canals, distructive crowns, and even extractions?

Dr. Noot personally crafts custom inlays, onlays, or veneers for a crown free, seamless tooth fit.

My secret to beautiful natural looking smile

Dr. Noot personally crafts custom inlays, onlays or veneers for a crown free, seamless tooth fit.

Dr. Noot's techniques help you keep your natural teeth throughout your entire life.

Save as much as 70% when dentistry is done correctly...

Our minimally invasive techniques reduce reoccuring problems with the same teeth.

This will be your best experience... ever!

Come see us for a consultation or second opinion.

Get a second opinion before you compromise any tooth with a tooth destructive crown or filling.

Rethinking Dentistry

It’s time for a change

So why do so many dentists actually destroy your teeth with fillings, root canals, tooth destructive crowns, and even extractions...because that is how they have been taught in dental school. Most dentists prefer this type of dentistry because it is faster and more profitable, generating reoccurring income on the same teeth.

A break-through in dental knowledge and technology

Today’s expanded knowledge and technology have significantly increased the ability for you to save the appearance, functions, and tooth structure of your teeth throughout your natural life. Let us show you how.

A Crown Free Mouth

Crowns Destroy Teeth

Crowns are a non-permanent solution often associated with root canals that can ultimately lead to tooth failure and removal. The fact is; all crowns leak creating a hiding place for bacteria and decay that contributes to multiple crown replacements, as well as other health issues such as halitosis and heart disease.

A Crown Free Solution

Dr. Noot patiently layers composite resins to restore and improve your tooth’s strength and function. He crafts custom inlays, onlays or veneers for a crown free seamless fit tooth.

The Technology to Save Teeth

Microscope Precision

We don’t just have a microscope, but we use it for every patient and every procedure, Why? Because microscopes allow dentists to see what the naked eye can never see and allows Dr. Noot to perform his work at the high level of precision.

Air Abrasion

Air abrasion is the safest way to clean teeth, and it is also used for bonding prior to conservative cavity preparation and tooth sealing.

Inlays, Onlays and Veneers

Using the technology and techniques above, Dr. Noot personally crafts custom Inlays, Onlays and Veneers for a crown-free seamless fit tooth, resulting in natural looking and functioning teeth. The best technology paired with the best techniques always provides the best results.

Prevention Prolongs Your Teeth's Natural Life

Reduce Decay by over 90%

Dr. Noot knows it is much better to protect a tooth than to repair it. An important part of your visit is to learn how you can preserve the health of your teeth. Dr. Noot provides:

  • Bacteria stains to identify trouble spots in you teeth

  • Custom balanced oral rinses to offset the acidity of your saliva

  • VELscope® scans to detect infections, inflammation, tumors and cancer related issues

  • New sealing materials and techniques that totally protect your teeth from decay


Regular Check-up

The increased knowledge and technology today has significantly increased the ability for you to save the apperance and functions of your teeth throughout your natural life. Let us show you how.

UltraSonic Teeth Cleaning

Do you hate the scraping process to clean your teeth? Dr. Noot’s hygienist uses the latest technology to get your teeth cleaner than ever before. UltraSonic sound waves blast the tarter off each tooth, above and below the gumline. This technology reduces enamel damage while getting your teeth cleaner than ever before!

Nothing Compares to Air Polishing

Ultrasonic air polishing removes plaque and stains in hard to reach places such as implants and orthodontic brackets. Air polishing has natural anti-microbial properties such as amino acids to eliminate bacteria that cause disease (decay). This new polish technology will give you the cleanest mouth and most dazzling smile you’ve ever had.

The Healthy Mouth

Tools to Assess the Health of Your Mouth

Saliva Quality Test: High-risk patients identified and tested for saliva compositions that have a direct correlation with tooth decay

Bacterial Cultures: Our lab offers bacteria count and type of bacterial analysis identifying diseases such as streptococcus mutants

Plaque Analysis: Using a scoring system to measure the seriousness of one's plaque build-up, we locate plaque areas in your mouth, determine the age and acidic nature of your plaque and give you solutions.

Diagnodent Laser: This laser finds hidden decay in deep grooves on molars; it is also used to clean teeth surfaces prior to replacing a new restoration. This new technology allows us to focus on being more conservative and less invasive.


It’s time for a change

Biomimetic means to copy what is life-like. No dental procedure is more successful at mimicking the tooth structure of your natural teeth. When restoring damaged, broken, and decayed teeth, biomimetic dentistry is designed to return the tooth to its original strength, function, and appearance. Biomimetic dentistry can restore your teeth’s natural look and beauty.

More than Cosmetic

This solution saves your teeth throughout your life with the same natural look and function of your original whole and healthy teeth. Dr. Noot patiently layers composite resins to not only restore your tooth function but return a tooth to it’s natural appearance by personally crafting custom inlays, onlays or veneers for a seamless bond.

Dr. Noot

Dr. Noot the Most Experienced biomimetic Dentist in Utah

Dr. Arnoud Noot (pronounced “Note”) has practiced dentistry in American Fork for the past 18 years, earning the reputation of being the most scientifically advanced dentist in the state of Utah. Dr. Noot is dedicated to preserving your natural teeth through minimally invasive techniques, practically eliminating the need for drills, destructive crowns, and root canals.

Education and Background

Dr. Noot is a member of the American Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry and is a certified instructor for the Deliperi Center for Biomimetic Dentistry. In addition to his private practice, Dr. Noot is an instructor at the Center for Advanced Adhesive Dentistry. He is a devoted graduate of Biomimetic Teaching Centers and has been honored as “the Premier Dentist in the State of Utah,” by the Barbara Barrington Jones Family Foundation.

Your Experience

Why People Fear Dentists

Consider your experience or that of family and friends. We’ve all heard of mishandled procedures or painful encounters. There is a better alternative.

A Calming Positive Dental Experience

Dr. Noot’s skill and attention to detail bring you great peace of mind. By not overbooking, he has the time to explain and show you exactly what needs to be done. This refreshing approach helps you understand your dental experience and achieve a preventive dental health program.

All this without using painful needles and grinding drills.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Dr. David S. Alleman

"There is no better restorative dentist that I have trained in the last 8 years."

Derek S.

"Dr. Noot has saved at least eight of my natural teeth"

Therese T.

"Dr. Noot always finds opportunities to educate me on what he's doing."

Mike C.

"I feel that Dr. Noot goes out of his way to provide the best quality dental treatment possible at very reasonable cost."

Karissa H.

"Dr. Noot’s technique has saved me from several root canals"

Donald T.

"Dr. Noot did an onlay and saved my son's tooth. He did all of this under a microscope while I watched on a television screen!"

Contact Us

Consultation or Second Opinion

Call our office for a consultation or second opinion. We’ll show you why biomimetic dentistry will not only save your teeth but give you a lifetime of strong, beautiful teeth.

Dr. Noot’s second opinion is priceless. Check with him before you compromise any tooth with a crown.


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